septembre 30, 2022
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Softwar and application

New Features In Snapchat’s

Snap has updated its Lens Studio platform so artists and developers can create custom Lenses. Snapchat’s maker has created two templates, Full Body Triggers, and Full Body Attachments, which will raise various effects supported by what the user is doing inside the frame, as a tutorial video explains. These include toggling virtual objects, playing short […]

Xbox Series X vs Xbox One X

Microsoft’s mid-gen refresh of the Xbox One – and answer to Sony’s PS4 Pro, is that the best games console when it involves sheer computing chops. It’s for console players who want the simplest of the simplest in terms of specs, and native 4K and HDR support, but the upcoming Xbox Series X will have […]
Technical Device

The Conflict Is Still Going On Between Huawei And The United States

The bill, which awaits President Trump’s signature, also prohibits telcos from using Federal Communications Commission funding to get Huawei or ZTE equipment. But the Congressional action is essentially duplicative because the FCC had already approved a ban. The Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act was approved in voice votes by the House in December and