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Hours after White House aide Hope Hicks reportedly tested positive for COVID-19, President Donald Trump told the public that both he and First Lady Melania Trump had also tested positive for the virus, as determined by a test administered on Thursday.

« Tonight, @FLOTUS and that I tested positive for COVID-19, » Trump stated on his Twitter account on early Friday morning. « We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately.

This was followed by White resident Sean Conley saying he’d « received confirmation » of that news, adding that the couple « plan to stay reception within the White House during their convalescence.

As of press time, no further details are disclosed about either the president or the first lady’s fitness.

Reports suggest Trump has been subjected to a rigorous COVID-19 testing regimen throughout 2020, and White House spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany claimed in July that the president is tested « multiple times a day » for the virus.
Should Trump’s first positive result have emerged specifically on Thursday,

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Many people are recovering from COVID-19, an unanswered question is the extent to which the virus can “hideout” in seemingly recovered individuals.

If it does, could this explain a number of the lingering symptoms of COVID-19 or pose a risk for transmission of infection to others even after recovery?

What is the chronic or persistent viral infection?

A chronic or persistent infection continues for months or maybe years, during which era virus is being continually produced, albeit in many cases at low levels.

Immune-privileged site?
There are a couple of places within the body that are less accessible to the system and where it’s difficult to eradicate all viral infections.

These include the central system nervous, the testes, and therefore the eye.
An immune-privileged site not only is difficult for the system to enter, it also limits proteins that increase inflammation.
The rationale is that while inflammation helps kill a pathogen, it also can damage an organ like the attention, brain, or testes.

A latent infection versus a persistent virus infection

A latent virus infection occurs when the virus is present within an infected cell but dormant and not multiplying.
During a latent virus, the whole viral genome is present, and therefore the infectious virus is often produced if latency ends and the infections become active.

The latent virus may integrate into the human genome, as does HIV, for instance – or exist within the nucleus as a self-replicating piece of DNA called an episome.

A latent virus can reactivate and produce infectious viruses, and this will occur months to decades after the initial infection.

Perhaps the simplest example of this is often chickenpox, which although seemingly eradicated by the system can reactivate and cause herpes zoster decades later.

Fortunately, chickenpox and zoster are now prevented by vaccination.

To be infected with an epidemic capable of manufacturing a latent infection is to be infected for the remainder of your life.

How does an epidemic become a latent infection?

Herpes viruses are far and away from the foremost common viral infections that establish latency.
This is an outsized family of viruses whose genetic material, or genome, is encoded by DNA (and not RNA like the new coronavirus).

Herpesviruses include not only herpes simplex viruses 1 and a couple of – which cause oral and herpes genitals – but also chickenpox.

Other herpes viruses, like Epstein Barr virus, the explanation for mononucleosis, and cytomegalovirus, which may be a particular problem in immunodeficient individuals, also can emerge after latency.
Viruses that establish latency in humans are difficult or impossible for the system to eradicate.
That’s because during latency there is often little or no viral protein production within the infected cell, making the infection invisible to the system.
Fortunately, coronaviruses don’t establish a latent infection.

Could you catch SARS-CoV-2 from a male sexual partner who has recovered from COVID-19?

In one small study, the new coronavirus has been detected in semen during a quarter of patients during active infection and during a bit but 10 percent of patients who apparently recovered.

During this study, viral RNA was what was detected, and it’s not yet known if this RNA was from the still infectious or dead virus within the semen; and if alive whether the virus is often sexually transmitted.

Numerous important questions remain unanswered.

Where else could the new coronavirus persist after recovery from COVID-19?

Other sites where coronavirus has been detected include the placenta, intestines, blood, and in fact the tract.

In women who catch COVID-19 while pregnant, the placenta develops defects within the mother’s blood vessels supplying the placenta.

However, the importance of this on fetal health is yet to be determined.

The new coronavirus also can infect the fetus via the placenta. Finally, the new coronavirus is additionally present within the blood and therefore the cavity and palate for up to a month or more after infection.
The mounting evidence suggests that SARS-CoV-2 can infect immune-privileged sites and, from there, leading to chronic persistent, but not latent, infections.

It’s too early to understand the extent to which these persistent infections affect the health of a private just like the pregnant mother, for instance, nor the extent to which they contribute to the spread of COVID-19.

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The Audi Q4 Sport back e-Tron concept is, technically, a uniform twin to Audi’s Q4 e-Tron concept, which was launched in 2019.
This suggests 0-100 km/h (0-62.1 mph) acceleration in 6.3 seconds with a top speed of 180 km/h (111.8 mph) and 450 km (279.6 miles) of range.
Inside, you will find a 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen, and a virtual cockpit with info like speed, charge level, and navigation, located behind the wheel.

An interesting new feature may be a « large-format » head-up display which has an augmented reality feature, with the power to display graphical information (such as turning arrows) « directly on the course of the road.

Unfortunately, Audi didn’t share any images of videos showing this particular feature, so we will only imagine what it’s like.
There’s no word on pricing or availability, though the Q4 Sport back e-Tron and its Q4 e-Tron sister model are expected to start out under $45,000, which may be a significant price decrease from Audi’s first electric SUV, the Audi E-Tron, which starts at about $75,000.

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Toyota just introduced its redesigned, Highlander (fourth-generation) utility vehicle, but the automaker is wasting no time fleshing out the lineup. A sportier XSE model is about to hitch the family.
It just debuted on the eve of the 2020 Chicago Auto Show’s first media day, and here are a number of its finer points.
Toyota has built the Highlander for about 20 years, but this is often the primary time it’s offered an XSE model.
Differentiating it from mainstream variants may be a new front fascia including a redesigned grille and a lower spoiler.
Altogether, this provides the family-hauler a more planted and aggressive look.
Unique headlight assemblies complete with black accents and strip-like daytime-running lamps round out the vehicle’s front.
Further, accentuating its looks is special rocker-panel trim and machine-faced 20-inch wheels.
The roof rails, mirror caps, and window moldings are all finished in black, and ’round back, the XSE model is fitted with chrome-plated dual-exhaust tips, another first for the Highlander.

Beneath all that styling, this SUV is fitted with stiffer springs and a starchier rear anti-sway bar.
Working in conjunction with these components is returned, lower-friction shock absorbers.
Taking advantage of those suspension changes, the electrically assisted power-assisted steering has been retuned to feel more engaging.

The Highlander XSE is out there with either front-wheel drive or a Dynamic Torque Vectoring all-wheel-drive system.

This setup can send up to 50 percent of obtainable torque to the rear wheels.

From there, it can shuffle it from side to side counting on conditions or driver demands to deliver better handling.

The seats are wrapped in SofTex, a man-made leather, and further fancied up with fabric inserts.
White ambient lighting sets the mood while a carbon-fiberlike finish on the control panel adds a touch of visual texture.
For drivers that want something different, red-and-black leather is obtainable also, complete with red contrast stitching on the dashboard.

This either makes the Highlander look super sporty or sort of bordello.

Ensuring you are always connected, XSE models accompany Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and even Amazon Alexa.

The 2021 Toyota Highlander XSE is slated to travel on sale this fall. The automaker expects it to account for about 12 percent of this nameplate’s overall sales. Pricing has not been released.


We’ve never been a lover of autoplay feature in Netflix, which activates clips or new episodes of your currently selected show or movie while you’re just trying to seek out something to observe.
Thankfully, Netflix now allows users to disable autoplay videos entirely, so you will not be forced to quickly jump between shows and films on the services to avoid watching bits of programming you are not curious about.
Wondering the way to close up autoplay on Netflix? We’ve made a fast guide for you below.

It’s nice and straightforward.
To switch off autoplay while browsing or for next episodes during a series, you want to first log into Netflix via an internet browser, then from the menu within the top right corner, select ‘Manage profiles’.
Once you’ve clicked on the profile you would like to regulate, you’ll now be presented with a replacement ‘Autoplay controls’ section below the service’s language and content settings.

Here, you’ll tick or uptick separate boxes for ‘Auto-play next episode during a series on all devices’ and ‘Auto-play previews while browsing on all devices.’
Once you’ve hit ‘Save’, the new settings should enter effect immediately.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made their decision to step down from their royal duties to hunt an independent and more private life.

Prince Harry spoke out during private dinner in London, saying, « our hope was to continue serving the Queen, the Commonwealth, and my military associations but without public funding. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible ». He referenced his mother as an element within the decision to step faraway from his Royal duties and thanked the public for « taking him under their wing » after her death.

He addressed the decision-making process, saying he didn’t take it lightly, but he was ultimately left with « no other option ».

« The decision that I even have made for my wife and that I to step back isn’t one I made lightly.

It had been numerous months of talks after numerous years of challenges.

And that I know I haven’t always gotten it right, but as far as this goes, there really was no other option. » he said.

« What I would like to form clear is we’re not walking away, and that we certainly aren’t walking faraway from you. Our hope was to continue serving the Queen, the commonwealth, and my military associations, but without public funding. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. »

« When I lost my mum 23 years ago, you took me under your wing. You’ve looked out on behalf of me for therefore long, but the media may be a powerful force, and my hope is at some point our collective support for every other are often more powerful because this is often such a lot bigger than simply us. »

Harry went on to notice his « utmost respect » for his grandmother, his « commander in chief »

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Epic has released the game on nearly every available platform. PC and Mac users can download the installer at the Fortnite website. Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One owner can download the game via each console’s respective game store. Android users will get to get the game from Epic’s website, while iOS users can grab the game from the Apple App Store. On some platforms, players will be got to have an Epic account to play, which may be acquired via the company’s website.

Though the game is free, there’s stuff in it that features a price. V-Bucks are the in-game currency wont to buy outfits, also referred to as skins, alongside dances, gliders, and other cosmetics. Every 100 V-Bucks is approximately $1 in real money.

There’s also a Battle Pass available each season. The pass costs 950 V-Bucks, or $9.50, and unlocks in-game content as you play and attain certain goals, referred to like challenges, over the course of the 10-week season.

Each Fortnite battle royale match has 100 competitors who are either playing solo, with a partner (known as duos) or as a part of a four-person squad. Everyone has 100 health points which will be replenished with healing items found on the island.

You’ll acquire 100 points in shields via potions and other consumables.
Players who hit zero health points are eliminated, and therefore the person or team that survives until the top of the match wins the Victory Royale.

After selecting a personality and mode, players start each match at Spawn Island while Epic’s system puts together 100 combatants. On this island, you’ll frolic, whatever you are doing or gather here won’t carry over into the match. When ready, all players are transported to the Battle Bus, a flying blue bus that carries players to the island where actual gameplay happens.

The Battle Bus takes a special path across the island at the beginning of each match. You’ll decide when to leap off, or you will be forced off once the bus has completed its trip across the map. After a brief period of skydiving, everyone lands on the island. Once you’re on the bottom you will need to accumulate weapons, items, and materials to outlast the opposite competitors.

If you’re eliminated, you’ll watch the remainder of the match or head back to the lobby to start out another game. If you outlast everyone else, you win the Victory Royale.

There are three control schemes available in Fortnite: computer game controllers, touch controls on mobile devices, and mouse and keyboard.

As a third-person perspective shooting game, which suggests you’re viewing your avatar on the screen instead of in first-person, the controls are on par with many other shooters. One hand is employed to maneuver the character, while the opposite aims.

With a weapon equipped, it is best to aim down the sights, before firing, to form the shot more accurate. Grenades and other throwable weapons will change the display on the screen from a firing reticle to a throwing arc, showing where your weapon will land.

Watch the pros — If you haven’t already, go watch some Fortnite pros. Top players from around the globe stream themselves playing the game throughout the day.

See where they land, what they are doing once they land, what weapons they like, what they build and the way they handle the last pressure-filled minutes of a match.
Listen closely, twiddling with headphones is usually an honest idea in competitive games, especially with Fortnite. Epic made changes to the sound within the game by adding 3D Audio.

This suggests that during a building, you will be ready to hear other players running around and may gauge how distant they’ve supported the sound of their footsteps.

The effect of chests with loot is additionally more prominent, making them easier to seek out.


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The Seattle retail and cloud services powerhouse plans to use the annual technology show in Las Vegas to unveil its decision to be a serious player in self-driving vehicle technology, connected cars, electric vehicles and management of the torrents of knowledge generated by automakers and drivers, company executives told Reuters.
Amazon Web Services, which provides large-scale cloud computing and data management services, is central to Amazon’s strategy.

« We really are extending ourselves more and more call at the ecosystem from manufacturing to the connected car, » Jon Allen, head of professional services on Amazon Web Services’ automotive practice, said during an interview. « The takeaway message on this is often if you attend CES this year we actually are taking it as a ‘One Amazon’ view. »

Until now, Amazon has shown its transportation strategy to investors – and rivals – one piece at a time. Amazon has invested in self-driving software startup Aurora. It also has signed deals with automakers to deliver packages to vehicle trunks, help develop electric vehicle charging networks and use AWS to network their factories.
The Seattle company will share the CES stage with partners like computer game firm ZeroLight, electric vehicle startup Rivian, Canada’s BlackBerry Ltd and computer game software development company Unity Technologies.

At CES, ZeroLight and General Motors Co’s Cadillac will demonstrate how they’re partnering to develop a web vehicle configuration experience which will allow high-fidelity images of vehicles that buyers build online to be crazy them on visits to dealers, Phillips said.
The process can open the door to dealers better meeting customer needs by knowing what users focused on when building their dream car.
It’s already boosted profit per vehicle at Volkswagen’s Audi brand by an estimated ($1,340), he said.

Rivian, during which Amazon has twice invested, will demonstrate Alexa within the R1T electric pickup it’ll begin building this fall, also because the companion R1S SUV which will follow, Phillips said. Rivian will begin building 100,000 electric delivery vans for Amazon starting in 2021. Alexa is going to be integrated into all of these vehicles, Amazon said.
BlackBerry and Karma Automotive, using AWS back-end services, will demonstrate the way to better predict an electrical car’s battery health, allowing automakers to coach drivers on the way to drive in ways in which will extend the battery’s lifetime, he said.
Some industry officials fear the loss of profits to technology companies, but Amazon has worked to woo the world by showing greater flexibility to company needs.

As an example, when Alexa is launched in GM cars within the U.S. market next year, it’ll be push-button activated and not use the wake word, « Alexa, » Amazon officials said.
A new in-car feature, using the voice command « Alexa, buy gas, » will enable users to shop for fuel at 11,500 Exxon and Mobil gas stations, Amazon said.

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New cars are getting increasingly expensive, with the typical vehicle costing overflow $30,000.
That creates Audi’s move to lower prices on the refreshed 2020 A4 a surprising one.
Audi detailed the 2020 model’s changes and provided prices for every A4 trim.
The entry-level A4 40 minus Quattro all-wheel-drive drops to $38,395, down from $40,195. Prices include a $995 destination charge that hasn’t changed from last year either.

The Premium Plus trim is $400 cheaper at $41,995, but the Prestige model does get an increase.
It’ll cost $47,945 for 2020, up from $45,695.
Inching into the Premium Plus here reveals a $2,000 price drops, right down to $44,995.
Again, only the Prestige trim gets a price bump, but it only grows by $650.
The overwhelming majority of A4 models could also be cheaper, but there is a lot more gear on board.
Notably, the model gets the newest MMI Touch infotainment display that’s creeping into all-new Audi. A 10.1-inch screen sits within the center and Audi said it’s up to 10 times quicker than the outgoing system.

Also, new inside may be a standard heated driver’s seat for front-wheel-drive models and standard front sport seats for the Quattro models. Drivers will find added active safety features like a presence system to alert the driving force to a possible collision and blind-spot monitors as additional included gear.
On the surface, the visual changes end in a light look, but one that’s much more in line with the A6 and A7.

Each 2020 A4 gets standard LED lights now and therefore the front grille mirrors its corporate brethren better than before with a wider design.

It’s still a handsome sedan at the top of the day, and Audi said this update sees almost every exterior piece updated. As for A4 Quattro models, they get a sportier S line exterior package as standard.

Mild visual changes are present for the A4 All road and therefore the S4, too. Starting prices for both models will remain an equivalent, however.
What won’t change is the powertrain. While Europe dabbles with hybrid mills, the US is sticking to the familiar stuff. FWD A4 models still get a 2.0-liter turbo-four with 188 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque.

Getting into an A4 Quattro provides an influence increase to 248 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque from an equivalent engine displacement. A seven-speed automatic shuffles gears around.


In the world of films and series on demand, there’s a variety of services that square measure applied in the digital arena which is calculated on the fingertip, headed by Netflix, a service that’s in-depth and international and on the market to, a service that provides you the foremost noted films and series within the world on your smartphone, Your PC, or TV screen, is quick and within the languages you would like (translated), to not mention the generous worth of your PC or TV screen and also the ability to use the platform on an outsized scale with a gaggle of users in a single account.

While they are popular and powerful, they have competitors like HBO, Hulu, and even Amazon Prime, but these competitive services are not as popular or as powerful as Netflix because they are not available globally. But recently, a new competitor has emerged that may remove Netflix from the throne of Disney’s popular Disney’s Disney+ on-demand movie and series service, for a number of reasons we will provide in this article, as well as provide a comparison of the pros and cons of both services and a comprehensive last-minute comparison of both.

What is Disney +?

Disney Plus is an on-demand movie and series service, which registers an account at the podium with a monthly subscription and then will enable you to access hundreds or even thousands of films and series for live viewing with the translation feature of many languages.
The Walt Disney and Network may be a robust competition for Netflix and every one alternative broadcasting platforms as a result of the service are provided by Disney’s known company, the latter has non-heritable many movie-making firms as well Fox and PIXAR
All of this provides her the ability to broadcast the powerful movies (such as Marvel’s superhero movies) on her platform, that you had antecedent been needed to look at within the cinema as a result of she wasn’t conjointly on any of the previous platforms till Netflix.

Disney launched film maker (Disney +) on November 12, 2019, and was launched on the market to many countries.
And film movie maker says it’ll make its own foremost film and series service on the market shortly.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is additionally Associate on-demand film and series content broadcasting network, starting with the availability of DVD-format movies to service subscribers, however, with fashionable technology, it’s become totally digital.
Netflix is getting the rights of a spread of series and films for review at stage (of course, movies and non-affiliated series of comparable services like HBO, that provides its own cable service), however recently Netflix produces its films and series and broadcasts on his platform.
So if you wish to use Netflix, you will find nearly tons of content from Netflix production.
At Netflix, you’ll get an account that may be shared for up to five individuals (at a rate of $2.5 per month per person), round the world and anyone in any country will get pleasure from Netflix services.

Compare content between Netflix and Disney+

Disney+ company offers unique content because it controls a range of movie-making companies, you will be able to see almost all the world’s famous « Toy Story, the Lion King, Aladdin … » especially the new and coming soon. In addition, its control of part of Marvel will enable you to watch all Marvels superhero movies on the stage, and we may also find films like Joker or Justice League, moving to the world of the small screen, series like the Simpsons are on the stage and are not in Netflix. Not to mention other famous series as well.

We are not content with poor content on Netflix, because the series and films that are often in the company are produced by them. As well as homosexuals movies, also expect that Netflix is always moving toward editing sexual content in their films in order to attract viewers, we can tell you that the best Netflix series is not more than 10 series, the best films may not exceed the same number, and the rest are relatively weak.

Comparison of prices between Netflix & Disney+

For  Disney Plus platform, you will be able to get your own account for $6.99 per month, or for $69.99 per year, the account that Disney Plus will provide you with will be able to use on multiple devices.

Netflix offers different plans when it comes to account prices, starting at $7.99 per month for 420p quality videos in one device, and offering little better plans, its ideal plan is a $12.99 monthly account with 5 screens, and FHD quality for its content.

Compare devices supported by each service

  • Disney +: Disney and (Disney+) is on the market on several devices, including IOS devices (iPhone and iPad), Apple TV with TVOS, additionally full golem devices (with golem TV added), supported by Xbox One and PlayStation four devices, then Amazon website, TV devices and eventually media players like Chromecast.
  • Netflix supports all golem devices and everyone iOS devices, supporting media players like Chromecast and AppleT V, additionally obtainable on all TV screens. The Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS 4, PS 3, and Windows.