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Netflix is letting people filter out their Continue Watching lists for the primary time.

On Android immediately, you’ll select any title from that row once you log in to Netflix and take away it.
Netflix saves your home once you watch a show or a movie, which may be a really handy feature.

But if you didn’t like something, it stayed in your Continue Watching list for what felt like forever, albeit you had no interest in continuing with the title in question. This new feature allows you to curate what’s expecting you once you open Netflix.
It’s very simple to get rid of titles from your Continue Watching list on Netflix, though like we are saying, we’ve only been ready to test this on Android thus far.

All you’ve got to try to be open Netflix, and you will see three dots next to the ‘i’ button for every title in your Continue Watching list.
Click on this, and you will then be presented with a ‘remove from row’ option at rock bottom.
Once you select this, the title is gone.

Netflix still saves your home if you modify your mind and need to observe it later, though. You’ll just need to look for the title in question again.
This will remove movies and shows from your Netflix Continue Watching list across all devices, and (presumably) enable you to measure a happier life.