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Does TCL ConfirmIt Won’t Make The BlackBerry Phones?

TCL Communication manufactured of BlackBerry devices has confirmed it won’t be making any new phones that sport the long-lasting name.
The Company has produced BlackBerry devices since late 2016 – those include phones just like the BlackBerry KeyOne and Key2, but now it’s confirmed its partnership is ending.
The company won’t sell anymore BlackBerry devices after August 31, 2020, and it’s no right to « design, manufacture or sell any new BlackBerry mobile devices » beyond that, either.
TCL Communication will still support warranties for devices until August 31, 2022, but it hasn’t confirmed whether it’ll offer new software updates to existing devices through thereto date.
This throws the BlackBerry name into an uncertain place.

If no other companies plan to combat the name from BlackBerry Limited, it’s going to mean we cannot see any longer devices with the branding.
BlackBerry Limited remains a corporation that focuses on other areas instead of smartphones, but it hasn’t produced its own handsets for a few years now.
BlackBerry was at one stage one among the world’s biggest phone brands with the corporate selling over 50 million new handsets in 2011 alone.

The company’s market share has declined rapidly in recent years though because it has struggled to compete with other Android manufacturers and therefore the iPhone.

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