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Facebook & Instagram , New Changes

If you follow an account with an outsized audience, you’ll now be ready to see right each post where the creator of the account is based and therefore the country where the bulk of their followers are based.
Facebook is piloting the feature within the U.S., starting with Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts based outside the country that reach large audiences primarily located within the U.S.

These changes are a part of our broader efforts to guard elections and increase transparency on Facebook and Instagram so people can make more informed decisions about the posts they read, trust and share, » the corporate shared during a blog post.
If this sounds familiar, it’s because the feature was originally introduced back in 2018 on both platforms.
Meanwhile, on Instagram, the « About this Account » feature allows users to ascertain additional information about popular accounts, including the country the account holder is predicated in, alongside date joined, former usernames, ads they’re running, and more.
But so far, that information was only accessible on the particular Facebook Page or Instagram profile.

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