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Facebook Sends You a Notification When You Log In External Sites

Facebook today revealed a replacement login feature that really tells you the info you’re volunteering.
The new feature is named, appropriately, Login Notifications, and it sends you an in-app notification and email whenever you log or re-log in to a third-party app using your Facebook credentials. The notification informs you clearly what information you’re sharing with the location you logged into and offers a handy button to the settings’ menu if you would like to get rid of access.

It’s a little change, overall, but it’s going to help many of us get an accurate notion of just what proportion info they’re sharing.

Up to now, it’s been almost seductively easy to log into something with Facebook — numerous sites support it that it seems like you’re going out of your thanks to not use that option.

But with ease comes potential danger; Facebook’s whole business model relies on having the ability to distribute and shift user data to its advertising partners.

Whenever you employ Facebook to log into another site, you’re not only offering that site access to your data, but you’re adding yet more information to the pile Facebook already has on you.
Facebook’s made an attempt within the last year approximately to form everyone conscious of what they will do to secure their own information on the location (short of deleting their accounts entirely), by promoting its Privacy Checkup tool for instance.

Puxuan Qi, the programmer who revealed the new feature, said within the Facebook developer blog post: “We understand there are sensitivities to people’s information privacy and related information and are taking active steps to honor and improve this in our products.”
But however, it’s still sometimes not clear just how dicey it’s to use your Facebook login on other sites.

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