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New Leak About Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Also Shines A Light On The Galaxy S20

New leaker comes from @Universe Ice, Who posted a tweet simply saying ‘The Galaxy Note20 will use a more fine-tuned 120Hz refresh rate technology.’
However, this leak is simply as useful for understanding the Galaxy S20 because it is that Note 20.
If what will the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 be like?
Note 20 will have a 120Hz refresh rate screen if this leak is to be believed. Several top-end phones in 2020 are embracing this technology, which improves the speed of your screen updates, making motion look smoother.
Universe Ice‘s choice of words ‘more fine-tuned’ implies that the tech won’t debut within the Galaxy Note 20 though, and we’ve heard many rumors suggesting the Galaxy S20 will have a 120Hz refresh rate, too, as a maximum setting additionally to the industry-standard 60Hz refresh rate.

In smartphone screens, 120Hz refresh rate technology can often be an enormous drain on battery life, and it’s possible the Samsung Galaxy Note 20s tech will find how to scale back the facility consumption of the tech compared to the Galaxy S20.

This interpretation would suggest the latter (and soon-to-launch) phone features a slightly weak battery life.
Alternatively, it’s possible the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will have 120Hz refresh rate tech that works across the board in several apps and technologies, phones with 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rates immediately usually offer different speeds counting on what app you’re in, or if you’re watching video, therefore the final viewing experience isn’t very consistent.

Finally, this might just ask the auto-mode that a lot of phones with different display rates have, and these modes detect what you’re doing on the device and pick a corresponding refresh rate to match.

Sometimes the detection is often touched off and thus will offer you a non-ideal refresh rate, so possibly the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will have better auto-detection.

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