New – Netflix Lets You Turn Off Autoplay On Previews

We’ve never been a lover of autoplay feature in Netflix, which activates clips or new episodes of your currently selected show or movie while you’re just trying to seek out something to observe.
Thankfully, Netflix now allows users to disable autoplay videos entirely, so you will not be forced to quickly jump between shows and films on the services to avoid watching bits of programming you are not curious about.
Wondering the way to close up autoplay on Netflix? We’ve made a fast guide for you below.

It’s nice and straightforward.
To switch off autoplay while browsing or for next episodes during a series, you want to first log into Netflix via an internet browser, then from the menu within the top right corner, select ‘Manage profiles’.
Once you’ve clicked on the profile you would like to regulate, you’ll now be presented with a replacement ‘Autoplay controls’ section below the service’s language and content settings.

Here, you’ll tick or uptick separate boxes for ‘Auto-play next episode during a series on all devices’ and ‘Auto-play previews while browsing on all devices.’
Once you’ve hit ‘Save’, the new settings should enter effect immediately.

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