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Sales Decline Apple’s Mac!!!

Gartner’s figures for Q2 of 2016 showed a complete of 64.3 million PCs were shipped worldwide, which represents a decline of 5.2% compared to an equivalent quarter the previous year.
That’s the seventh quarter running during which PC sales have dropped, but there was a surprising reversal of the trend in North America, where shipment numbers increased slightly, learning to the tune of 1.4%.
Looking at the worldwide figures for individual PC vendors, Lenovo remains top holding a 20.5% market share with 13.2 million PCs shipped, but that was a drop of two .2% year-on-year.

HP is really catching Lenovo in second place, moving up to a 19.1% market share (12.3 million PCs sold) which represented a gain of 1.8% in Q2 2015. Third-place Dell saw even more growth with a 3.1% year-on-year increase meaning it captured a market share of 15.2%.
The most important surprise, though, came with Apple slipping from fourth to fifth place, being hit by a drop of 4.9% in overall shipments year-on-year. Asus moved before Apple with a 1.3% increase giving it a complete market share of seven .3%, which was just before Cupertino’s 7.1%.
However, this is not such a shock once you consider other recent analyst reports which have pointed to an enormous decline in MacBook shipments within the half-moon of this year.

Times are tough for everybody, even Apple…

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