Samsung And Xbox Series : Pressure To Support Ultrawide Monitors

The foremost exciting things about PC gaming in 2020 is that the wide swath of choices within the way you play your games, and it seems like Samsung is pushing Microsoft to bring a minimum of one aspect of that over to the Xbox Series X.
Samsung recently talked to PCGamesN and told them that it’s talking with Microsoft and pushing the gaming behemoth to adopt ultra-wide support for the Xbox Series X.
Obviously, current-generation consoles don’t currently have this compatibility as both the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro are limited to 16:9 resolutions, peaking at 4K. That sounds pretty rad, but there is a whole world of fancy displays that these consoles just can’t handle.
Now, folks can still technically play Xbox One or PS4 games on one among the simplest ultra-wide monitors – nothing is stopping them from doing so today.
But because both consoles output a 16:9 signal, you merely get these ugly black bars on either side of the display.

If Samsung is in a position to push Microsoft to adopt compatibility for more unconventional aspect ratios, we could see console games with the choice to render during a more immersive resolution.
It’s unlikely that this may actually happen, of course, but if it did it might be great news for people that have already got one among these monitors.
No matter how awesome it might be if ultra-wide resolutions were supported on the Xbox Series X, we’re definitely skeptical. Consoles are notoriously inflexible when it involves how they output video, typically only supporting one or two resolutions.

If ultra-wide support were to be enacted on the Xbox Series X, game developers would need to, brace yourself, add resolution options for his or her games.
The power to tinker with display options is some things that have been nearly exclusive to the PC for years.
But all hopes not lost.
One of the foremost exciting things about the mid-generation refresh the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X was that we began to see some graphics options during a big variety of popular games, albeit they were extremely limited.
Because Microsoft seems to be approaching its gaming division by creating an « ecosystem » that involves Xbox consoles and therefore the best gaming PCs, graphics options could start making their way into console versions of Xbox games.

If you’re taking a glance at games like Gears 5 and therefore the Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC, ultra-wide support is already there.

Theoretically, it wouldn’t be very difficult to form ultra-wide available on the console side, especially if an equivalent game supports it elsewhere.

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