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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung’s latest flagship was the primary phone (Engadget) to feature Samsung Display’s new, low-power OLED display for smartphones, which reduces power consumption up to 16 percent.
Displays are one of the most important battery drains in smartphones, so every bit helps.
Samsung says the new OLED smartphone display uses a replacement organic material with « dramatically improved » luminous efficiency compared to the company’s previous smartphone panels.
Samsung Display’s novel organic material achieved its sharp increase in luminous efficiency by having electrons flow faster and more easily across the display’s organic layers, » the corporate said.
For the buyer, it boils right down to having a brighter display that consumes less power.
Alongside the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s adaptive refresh rate, this resulted in excellent battery life. But Samsung is producing OLED smartphone displays for other manufacturers, meaning we’ll soon see other smartphones featuring this new display.

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