janvier 17, 2021
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Fortnite Is Permanently Removed From The Apple Store

Apple released a press release explaining that Epic broke its developer agreement by allowing this, as unlocked features in an app that need payment must be handled via the platforms in-app purchases, therefore giving Apple a cut of the revenue. Epic enabled a feature in its app which wasn’t reviewed or approved by Apple, and […]

XBOX Have Hardware Advantages Over PlayStation 5

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has recently spoken on their competitor Sony’s PlayStation 5, or PS5. Spencer feels that Sony did a “good job” with PS5, but acknowledged that the Xbox Series X has “hardware advantages. According to a report by Video Games Chronicle, Spencer went on to feature that he “felt good” after seeing Sony’s […]

Xbox Series X vs Xbox One X

Microsoft’s mid-gen refresh of the Xbox One – and answer to Sony’s PS4 Pro, is that the best games console when it involves sheer computing chops. It’s for console players who want the simplest of the simplest in terms of specs, and native 4K and HDR support, but the upcoming Xbox Series X will have […]

Anthem Is Getting a New Updates

BioWare has committed to a “longer-term redesign” of Anthem, which aims to essentially reinvent the Game as we all know it. In a new blog, BioWare head Casey Hudson announced the redesign and pledged that the studio is functioning to enhance upon core aspects of the game that received feedback from players and critics. Over […]