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The company today announced it is hosting an event on Tuesday, March 8, at 10 AM PT .
it’ll be a virtual event that you can tune into from Apple’s website or Apple TV, and YouTube as well.

Apple’s event invitation features the tagline ‘peek performance,’ along with some AR graphics.
That suggests may be perhaps some updates to AR features. We’ve also heard rumors of a new iPhone SE, an updated iPad Air, …etc



Ahead of its November 5th release date, we ’ve seen skulk regards of Call of Duty’s Vanguard’s single and multiplayer factors.
On Thursday, publisher Activision participated a new caravan and blog posts that offer a first look at the game’s forthcoming Zombies mode.
Developed by Treyarch, Vanguard’s Zombies mode ties into the Dark Aether plot established in Black Ops Cold War.
One time after suffering a decisive defeat at the Battle of Stalingrad, a Nazi officer named Oberführer Wolfram Von List finds a mysterious artifact that binds him to an reality called Kortifex, allowing him to summon an army of the undead. It’s up to you and as numerous as three other players to battle through the remains of Stalingrad and stop him.

As you play through a match and complete objects, you ’ll find particulars called Sacrificial Hearts. You can offer these at an Altar of Covenants to pierce randomized upgrades that will tweak your playstyle. One of those upgrades will reload your munitions while they ’re holstered, while another will allow you to turn zombies into temporary abettors.

Any experience you earn while playing Zombies will count toward Vanguard’s Batte Pass, which also shares progression between multiplayer and Warzone. The mode will also supportcross-platform play between different consoles. As mentioned over, Vanguard launches on November 5th. It’ll be available on PlayStation 4, PS5, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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There’s little point in arguing that fact  » VR is the future » At some point, the technology will be so streamlined and integrated that it’ll be as common as smartphones.

VR has been getting better over the onetime decade or so since it started being universally commercially available, but it has nowise managed to hit a wide followership. A lot of major companies are throwing their weight behind these headsets, too. Facebook, Valve, and Google are some of the biggest tech leviathans in the world, but yea their headsets are n’t chancing mass appeal.

would Sony’s nearing VR headset succeed where other tech heavyweights have failed? Sony’s original PlayStation VR was comparatively underpowered at the time, so what makes Sony VR’s last chance to catch the public’s eye, It has a countless unique advantages in its favor.

The PS VR isn’t a important headset. The PS VR has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, used the PlayStation camera to track movement, and either the regular DualShock 4 control or old PS3 Move controls. The highest- end headset at the time, released anteriorly the same epoch, had a resolution of 2160 x 1200, given base station cameras for room scale, and supported the Vive controls, plusit had other advantages like erected-in microphones and headphones.
Notwithstanding, those other headsets had deformities, too. Not only did every other VR headset have to be hooked up to a PC, they also had big price labels. At launch, PSVR was$ 200 to$ 300 cheaper than the launch price for all other, more important headsets on the call.

Gate is in the closest position to Sony in this regard, having Steam and (occasionally) developing games. The main difference is the fact that Steam games run on PCs, which can vary frenetically in power between any two systems. Yea moment, there’s a prevailing perception that mighty PCs necessitate you to be a technological wizard who’s willing to spend a lot of time, and yea else deep pocket, to make one. On the other hand, if you ’ve before got a PlayStation, either once you get the headset, you ’re VR ready. Simple. (This epoch of chip paucities causing consoles themselves to be hard to find is a wrinkle that Sony ca n’t really control.)

First up is the price. Sony managed to do like well pricing the original PS VR, although it may have been a bit on the high side. It was largely the price of an else closet, which is a big ask for what nth people look at as a appurtenant. Yea over specs or software, price is the number one thing most consumers will look at anteriorly yea considering adding an spare piece of tech.

However, that would probably convert a lot another people unseasonably on who might otherwise be on the barrier, If Sony can make it$ 300.
Use Sony’s IP . Sony needs to keep up support for the system just like it does with the PS5 itself. The early days of the PS VR looked promising in this regard, most notably with Resident Evil 7 Biohazard being exhaustively playable in VR on PS4 and nowhere else.

After that, there was n’t momentous further besides harbors and indie games coming to the system. This led to a cycle where introducers did n’t want to spend the fund making a VR game for such a low install base, which in turn kept trades from growing because there were no high- quality games. This hoop did n’t end up exhaustively killing PS VR, but definitely crippled its potentiality.
Sony has great linkups with tons of big publishers and introducers outside its own shops. It needs to use some deals for exclusive VR gests. Heck, try and get Half Life Alyx on there! See if Capcom will harborage Resident Evil Village. Yea getting the whispered Resident Evil 4 VR could move some units. Sony will need to eat a good deal of outspoken cost, but we before know that VR ca n’t succeed on lower games alone, and until the demand is big enough, major shops wo n’t spend development time and fund for a piece of the demand.

So long as PS VR 2 is compatible with the original PS VR games (which would be a major mistake if it was n’t), Sony could do some like of PS Plus Collection spare for it. That would be another easy way to make the leadoff purchase moreappealing.However, it gets easier to justify that big investment, If you knew you were getting all the tidy long-lived PS VR games included.

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Windows 11 is now available to download and install , as Windows 10 was heralded as the last ever update of Windows-one that would take updates over the vintages .
and we have spent time with the final release for thisreview.However, check out our how to fix Windows 11 problems for help, If you have any issues after downloading Windows 11.
Our Windows 11 features seat will also be streamlined as Microsoft adds new features to Windows 11 in the coming months and vintages.

Showcasing a redesigned theme, new- look apps from the history and present, alongside a better touch interface, it’s an update that looks to have fed to casual dopers, and up to a point, power dopers as well.
There’s still feast of room for advancement for Windows 11, but for what’s presently on its release, it’s an charming update that looks to shape the future of Microsoft, both for its software and outfit, for the ensuing decade.


Windows 11 is free for anyone who meets the system must-haves set by Microsoft.

The upgrade arrives in two interpretations; Home or Pro. The Pro interpretation has features generally aimed at business dopers, but home dopers may like the fact that you can garble your hard drive with a tougher encryption position for better security.

A new necessity for anyone to penetrate Windows 11 will be a Microsoft account and an internet connection. Without these, you will be stuck at the set up screen. While graspable from one perspective, it could frustrate others who just want to use a PC occasionally without having to induce an account or constant access to an internet connection.

There is also the question of data collection. Since the upgrade was available to be used in the Insider Build program to test Windows 11, there is presently no way of switching this off, which raises a concern as to why there is not an option presently.

Microsoft made sure to mention in the June 24 notice of Windows 11 that the druggie interface has seen a major redesign, which the company is calling‘ Fluent design’, the successor to the Metro design language that was first seen in Windows 8.

On first glimpse it looks great-everything appears new and refined, and Line Explorer has ultimately seen an update, alongside the environment menus, both no longer looking like the fourth interpretation of Windows XP.
But it’s only when you go deeper that the commonalities to Windows 10 remain. For exemplar, if you right- click in a brochure and bring up the‘Properties’ menu, you ’ll find the same settings as anteriorly, but with rounded buttons and a new icon.

Getting divest of the Slip interface in Queue Explorer and other made-in apps is a good incipiency, as you now have ten icons on the toolbar instead of four tabs and untold settings start in Windows 10 and prior renditions that used the Strip interface.
It’s one specimen of Windows 11 where it’s a great first step, there just needs to be a giant vault for other.
Widgets are also back for Windows 11, but are now called’ Jiggers’. These are pioneer in their own section, resemblant to macOS, so you ca n’t freely place them on your desktop. Swipe from the left- hand side of the screen brings them up, and they do their job for bite-sized information at a regard.
The only strange addition is the quest bar in the gizmo window-it feels less like a appliance and added of a bypath to make you use the Bing hunt machine.

When you first start up a PC with a fresh install of Windows 11, you’ll be given the option to move files and your desktop from OneDrive, similar to the Migration Assistant from macOS. It’s a very welcome feature that’s going to help a lot of users, especially as it can relieve the stress when setting up a new PC for the first time.
There’s also a new way of managing different apps that are open called Snap Groups. While this is more aimed towards touch screen devices, it’s a much improved variant on the snapping of windows that was first introduced in Windows 10, and makes it much easier when managing a multi-monitor setup.
In-tandem with this, better multi-monitor support arrives in Windows 11, where the upgrade will remember where certain apps were placed if you disconnect a laptop from an external monitor, for example.
Gaming on Windows 11
Better HDR support for games, plus Auto HDR for making non-HDR games look better when it comes to contrast, has also been added, which is very welcome indeed.
Final verdict

This is the first release of many to come for Windows 11, and based on what it brings, it’s a fantastic start. Fluent Design is a great successor to the Metro look that’s been prevalent since Windows 8, and it brings the style and color scheme of Windows to the modern age.
Meanwhile, an improved Microsoft Store is something that was needed for Windows, and it’s very easy to use. Alongside Android apps coming soon from Amazon, it’s going to be a great starting point for casual users who want to find their apps more easily.

For now though, while it’s a great start for Windows 11, it’s time for Microsoft to go deeper and look to refine how other apps, such as Disk Management and even Notepad, can work in Windows 11.

Lifestyle Technology

Apple Watch 7pre-orders deals are now live, so you can bag the watch foryourself. However, you will admit your watch on Friday, October 15, If you dopre-order.

Original story The Apple Watch 7 is set to go up forpre-order at 5 am PT/ 8 am ET/ 1 pm BST/ 11 pm AEDT moment, and a new leak has given us a clear look at the new smartwatch’s price for every model you can buy in the US.

the cheapest variant would go 399 $ ahead ofpre-orders, but unlike with ultimate other Apple launches the company hasn’t revealed the prices for its larger and further high- end models.

According to Prosser, the below information is correct for the US. We have yet to hear anything for the UK or Australia, so you will likely have to stay until Apple’spre-orders go live to work out which model you can swing to buy.

That said, this information seems to match prior generations of the Apple Watch, and we’ve seen Prosser get leaks like this correct in the yore. We’ll know more when the Apple website returns forpre-orders at 1 pm BST/ 11 pm AEDT.


As has go standard practice for multifold publishers when modernizing geriatric games for newer platforms, Rockstar is removing all foregoing interpretations and packets of Grand Theft Car 3, Vice City, and San Andreas from every cupboard and PC storefront effective »the week of October 11, 2021, »the publisher said on its support express.
While each entry entered Windows harborages in the early 2000s, PC players are presently limited to buying the games via Rockstar’s game launcher or through Steam, and only the hindmost platform supports mods.
Smother is also noticeably absent from the new triumvirate’s list of validated platforms, which include the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox platforms, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Rockstar’s game launcher, with iOS and Android havens coming succeeding stretch.
As of press time, all three games and the Grand Theft Motor The Triumvirate parcel are still available on Steam.
Current proprietors will also be qualified to download and pierce the games on their took platforms, Rockstar validated.

Though getting modernized readings of the GTA 3 triumvirate sounds like great news for anyone who wants to rethink the games with a contemporary lick of maquillage, there are number of mods for the current PC readings that do a like good job of »remastering »these PS2- period titles to make them more playable by now’s norms.

For now, Rockstar has not revealed numerous details of the awkwardly named Grand Theft Wheels The Triplex – The Definitive Edition, including whether suckers should hope extremely souped-up havens reared on the bones of the GTA 3 motor or, possibly more likely, very ground-up remakes that recreate the times. (There is also no word yet on whether any of the numerous songs removed from San Andreas’licensed soundtrack over the vintages may be restored in its redux.)

Rockstar hasn’t blazoned a release date for the triad, but it did note that it was removing the ancient games from storefronts »to prepare for launch. »But hey, if you miss out on picking up the triad on Steam this weekend, at least Grand Mafia Crime – Car Theft will still be up for heists on PC. It yea works on the Hololens.


Pro camera system with advanced low-light performance, macro photography, Cinematic mode, and more. Super Retina XDR display with Elevation. A15 Bionic, the world’s fastest smartphone chip.

Exceptional continuation of Ceramic Shield. A huge hop in battery life. This is iPhone 13 Pro.

Technical Device Technology

We have seen an enormous selection of the latest phones throughout the previous couple of years, and this is often our definitive list of the simplest handsets you’ll buy.
Picking the phone in 2021 is an upscale and sophisticated decision whether you are looking for a handset from Samsung, Apple, Google, or other smartphone manufacturers.
– The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best pick, but also consider the iPhone 12 or Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which are considered found powerful phones for various reasons.

The difference is Some demand Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime, in order that means sticking with iOS 14, while others will want infinite customizations and Google Assistant, which is out there in Android 11.

Do not forget about the price, with choices just like the OnePlus 8. Some phones even debuted at a notably cheaper price than competitors, just like the Google Pixel 5 and therefore the Samsung Galaxy S20.
Almost all smartphone prices have crept up to and above 1,000 $ so you’ll be wanting to require your decision seriously.
5G phones are getting important and more prevalent and foldable phones.
Plus this list may change throughout the year as we expect to ascertain the new OnePlus 9, iPhone 13, and more throughout the subsequent 12 months.
The best phone in 2021?
It’s an outsized display, yet is straightforward to handle; packs a camera suite capable of replacing a point-and-shoot; and has enough processor power and battery to urge work done while you’re on the go. you will not find slow smartphones with anything but the all-day battery life on this ranked phone list.

1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Screen size: 6.8-inch / CPU: Snapdragon 888 / Exynos 2100 / Resolution: 1440 x 3200 / RAM: 12GB / 16GB / Front camera: 40MP / Storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB / Rear camera: 108MP + 10MP + 10MP + 12MP / Battery: 5,000mAh / The Price $999.99 VIEW AT AMAZONE

2. iPhone 12 mini / iPhone 12

Weight: 134g / 164g / Dimensions: 131.5mm x 64.2mm x 7.4mm / 146.7mm x 71.5mm x 7.4 mm/ Front camera: 12MP/OS: iOS 14/Resolution: 1080 x 2340 / 1170 x 2532/Screen size: 5.4-inch / 6.1-inch/Storage: 64GB/128GB/256GB / CPU: A14 Bionic/ RAM: 4GB/ Battery: Unknown / Rear camera: 12MP+12MP /The Price $829  VIEW AT AMAZONE

3. iPhone 12 Pro / iPhone 12 Pro Max

Weight: 189g / 228g / Dimensions: 146.7mm x 71.5mm x 7.4 mm / 160.8mm x 78.1mm x 7.4mm/OS: iOS 14 / Screen size: 6.1-inch / 6.7-inch / Resolution: 1170 x 2532 / 1284 x 2778 / CPU: A14 Bionic / RAM: 6GBStorage: 128GB/256GB/512GB/ Battery: Unknown / Rear camera: 12MP + 12MP + 12MP / Front camera: 12MP /The Price $999  VIEW AT AMAZONE

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Release date: August 2020 / Weight: 208g / Dimensions: 164.8 x 77.2 x 8.1mm / OS: Android 10 / Screen size: 6.9-inch / CPU: Exynos 990 / Snapdragon 865 Plus / RAM: 12GB / Storage: 128GB/256/512GB / Battery: 4,500mAh / Rear camera: 108MP/12MP + 12MP + 12MP / Front camera: 10MP / The Price $1099,99  VIEW AT AMAZONE

Games Softwar and application

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In a court filing from Friday, Tesla sued programmer Alex Khatilov for downloading Tesla files to his Dropbox account. Tesla claims he stole thousands of files concerning automation for Tesla business processes like supply chain, inventory, product planning, and more. Within the suit, Tesla estimates the files represent « 200 man-years of labor.

Tesla has its own backend software called WARP Drive and therefore the company claims Khatilov, in his first three days on the work, stole system scripts, or code files within the programming language Python.

The complaint says Khatilov initially said he had only transferred administrative documents, but later claimed to possess forgotten about the opposite files. Tesla pressured him to delete all his Tesla files from the Dropbox account but still sued.
The suit explains the company’s reasoning for the litigation: Tesla doesn’t know whether Khatilov took additional files, whether he copied files from the Dropbox account to other locations within the days before he was caught, or whether he sent any of the files to other persons or entities.
Khatilov has told the Post that anything that would be construed as theft was « unintentional » which he didn’t even know there have been 26,000 files transferred to his personal online storage account. He said he deleted everything as Tesla had instructed.

This isn’t the primary lawsuit accusing an employee of taking Tesla trade secrets home.
Within the past few years, Tesla has sued other engineers, including one case involving Autopilot data that made its thanks to Chinese EV company XPeng.