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Tesla Theft And Elimination Are Endless Problems

In a court filing from Friday, Tesla sued programmer Alex Khatilov for downloading Tesla files to his Dropbox account. Tesla claims he stole thousands of files concerning automation for Tesla business processes like supply chain, inventory, product planning, and more. Within the suit, Tesla estimates the files represent « 200 man-years of labor.

Tesla has its own backend software called WARP Drive and therefore the company claims Khatilov, in his first three days on the work, stole system scripts, or code files within the programming language Python.

The complaint says Khatilov initially said he had only transferred administrative documents, but later claimed to possess forgotten about the opposite files. Tesla pressured him to delete all his Tesla files from the Dropbox account but still sued.
The suit explains the company’s reasoning for the litigation: Tesla doesn’t know whether Khatilov took additional files, whether he copied files from the Dropbox account to other locations within the days before he was caught, or whether he sent any of the files to other persons or entities.
Khatilov has told the Post that anything that would be construed as theft was « unintentional » which he didn’t even know there have been 26,000 files transferred to his personal online storage account. He said he deleted everything as Tesla had instructed.

This isn’t the primary lawsuit accusing an employee of taking Tesla trade secrets home.
Within the past few years, Tesla has sued other engineers, including one case involving Autopilot data that made its thanks to Chinese EV company XPeng.


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