The Most Likely PlayStation 5 Rumors From This Week

What is the rumor mill churning out this week? Well, PS5 pre-orders may open as early as March, the console could also be delayed by a coronavirus, and an area Gamestop employee knows the ins and outs of Sony’s launch plans.
In the only confirmed news of the week, Sony has revealed that it hasn’t set a price for the PlayStation 5 yet.
What isn’t very clear or visible is because we are competing within the space, so it’s very difficult to debate anything about the worth at now of your time and depending upon the worth level, we may need to determine the promotion that we are getting to deploy and the way many costs we are prepared to pay, » Totoki explained.
PS5 official website is now live, suggesting a reveal isn’t far behind – presumably
Initially spotted on Reddit, the website offers fans the prospect to sign-up « to be among the primary to receive updates as we announce them, including news on the PS5 release date, PS5 price and therefore the upcoming roster of PS5 launch games ».

The launch of the official website suggests that a politician PS5 reveal event is simply round the corner.

So, despite the website launch being confirmed, the thought of an imminent reveal event may be a pretty likely rumor.
According to a tweet by @PSErebus, Sony’s next-gen console is going to be revealed at a PlayStation Meeting in March, with pre-orders opening soon after.
The user’s original tweet claiming pre-orders will start in March was posted back in December, however, the user has been retweeting it and doubling down within the face of doubters who claim the PS5 reveal are going to be in February.

While @PSErebus previously correctly leaked The Last folks 2’s initial release date, we’re still skeptical of the validity of this rumor. However, as we’re rocketing through February, a reveal event this month does seem less and fewer likely.
PS5 are going to be delayed by coronavirus – unlikely
A report claims that the PS5 and Xbox Series X release dates might be delayed thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. But we do not think it is very likely.
We didn’t think this seemed likely – especially given the panic that’s currently surrounding coronavirus.

So we decided to ask the games’ analyst, and director of Equity Research, Michael Pachter to weigh in on the report.
While Pachter emphasized that it’s hard to understand how long the coronavirus outbreak will last, he also acknowledged that, while the mobile industry could also be disrupted by the outbreak, console manufacturers are a special kettle of fish.
Apparently the PS5 reveal event is going to be at the top of February.

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