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US Fraud Charges Hit two Nigerians Accused Of Taking Millions Of Dollars

The United Arab Emirates has sent the US two Nigerian nationals, Ramon Olorunwa Abbas and Olakean Jacob Ponle, to face charges concerning large “business email compromise” scams.

Abbas are accused of cash laundering in schemes meant to tug in “hundreds of many dollars, consistent with the Department of Justice.

He reportedly helped with an idea to launder $14.7 million stolen from a “foreign financial organization, which helped take nearly $923,000 from a replacement York firm and was even involved during a plot to steal roughly $124 million from an English Premier League club.
Ponle, meanwhile, allegedly participated in several 2019 fraud campaigns that were worth “tens of many dollars,” including one Chicago-based company that sen a complete of $15.2 million. Consistent with the claim, Ponle had victims wire funds to money mules who converted the gains to Bitcoin and sent them to a digital wallet the mastermind controlled.

US attorney Nick Hanna saw the move as evidence the US could hold online fraud perpetrators responsible “no matter where they live.
Although these moves could send a message to scammers who think they will escape without penalty, they could not function practical deterrents.

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