octobre 21, 2020

XBOX Have Hardware Advantages Over PlayStation 5

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has recently spoken on their competitor Sony’s PlayStation 5, or PS5.

Spencer feels that Sony did a “good job” with PS5, but acknowledged that the Xbox Series X has “hardware advantages.

According to a report by Video Games Chronicle, Spencer went on to feature that he “felt good” after seeing Sony’s event, and he thinks the hardware advantages that Xbox has built are getting to show up because it is more about Xbox games and frame rates alongside a number of other things.
A report in Essentially Sports mentions that Spencer during the interview also said that he feels good about the sports lineup they’re getting to showcase during subsequent major Xbox Series X event in July.
Stating that the Sony event gave them a transparent idea of what they need through with the new PlayStation 5, he added that it helped them specialize in what they need to be been ready to achieve with the Xbox Series X.
We got more clarity on what they’re doing at their show which just helped us focus on more of what we’ve, and that I think which will be a strength for us at launch,” he said.

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